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Released on October 31st, 2021, last updated July 19th, 2022

Since version 1.3.0, with 100% ORIGINAL MUSIC!

This is a fan-made game based on John Carpenter's Halloween (1978 movie). 

Everything seems fine while you're babysitting Tommy on Halloween night, until you receive a creepy phone call and someone tries to open the door. This unravels a horrifying nightmare where you have to fight for your life.


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I FINALLY Killed MICHAEL MYERS (Halloween Game) 

Wow. So good. Love the game.

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This guy is selling your free game for $20 USD on his website.  He is a known scammer on TikTok - https://www.gamingareus.com/products?page=2  

He also is TWO comments below me under the name Acfromny

I called him out on it on TikTok under Weather Target aka Raiden Storm and he blocked me immediately.

MICHAEL MYERS IS in My HOUSE! - 3 Random Games

This is the funniest one I've ever seen, well done, subbed.

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Some one help how do you configure an Xbox wired controller? Do you have to have a specific controller to play this game??

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Hey scammer, what's up? Shouldn't have blocked me on TikTok and I wouldn't be on your butt to remove you off the net for scams

Saw this game and instantly knew I had to play it! HIghly recommend for a good scare! 

ive got the game running thankfully

how do you configure the controller?

haven't yet

ok so how do i now configure the game with my controller

Me too i got the game but how do you configure the controller?

lastima no me deja instalar porque tengo poco gib F

Saw this Game And I Am A Fan Of Michael Myers So I Gave It A Try And Loved this Game Very Well Made Makes You Think And Sneak Keep Up The Great work 

so i have heard and seem abit of this game but never actually played it till today, as i wanted to be ready for the "sequel" this Halloween and im so glad i did this was so good everything about it was perfect the graphics, the intense atmosphere, and it really felt although short that it stayed true to the movies, so excited for the hopefully new game this Halloween, gameplay above i hope you guys enjoy, and i just want to say thank you to everyone that has checked out my videos we are about to become partner and its in part to this great community on itch so thank you! 

Saw the game and I am a fan off some Halloween movies. So I thought, why not. I play it. Even if I may have broken the game on my first attempt no idea.

Absolutely loved this game! definitely on of my favorite videos I have made! definitely will be playing the second game!

He's Trying to Kill me! Halloween the Game - UPDATE!

Game was amazing! Gave me such a spook when I first saw Michael Myers

This was terrifying and it looked amazing! 


só senti que falta um pouco mais de dificuldade, ficou muito facil fugir dele. de resto, ta excelente

I thought this games graphics and texters were really nice and the game was extremely scary. I couldn't find more than one thing of bullets. And some times Michael would hear/see me when I was crouched and on a different floor than him. Other than that the game was great! 

He is strong

Saw that this was updated and had to replay! I look forward to more games from y'all!

Really enjoyed the game! Lots of DBD references during my stream of it :D! Turned it into a youtube-short:

Was cracking up the entire time and made a bunch of absurd DBD references because how could this Nea main NOT, my only thing is I wish the blood wasn't so in the way because it made it super hard to see. Check out my gameplay here!

Game was fun!, i did take a long time to find to basement key


You guys should be proud of yourselves for making this good of a game in only 13 days! And the music was AMAZING. This is one of the best fan-made games out there! I'll put the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I'm in!

Thank you for your great work!5 star!I found the way without getting hurt by Micheal, it will start from 11:20! Please enjoy my video if you have timeXD

This game is great GoodJob!

That tommy jump scare got me 5/5


A Fantastic game loved every second of it cant wait for part two keep up the great work guys 

P.S i hate Tommy kept scaring me when he was not supposed to lol 

this game had me stuggling LMAO. I always wanted a game like this to be made.

I had so much fun playing this game. However I should have known better, evil never dies! Thank you for creating this is was so spooky and a fun short horror game. 

This game is amazing and very scary!!! I really enjoyed playing it

it would mean a lot if you could check out my gameplay and give some feedback!!

This was one of the best short horror game experiences I've ever had. Great job, Martin and Damian. Well done.

This is definitely one of the best Michael Myers games. It's a lot of fun and pretty scary. The update is great too. Thanks for making this!

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This game was sooo coool, Tommy was teleporting all the time and he scared me more than Michael xD After understanding that Michael is moving slowly it sort of killed the scariness, but otherwise really cool game! :)

This game had me on edge the entire time, it was so intense!! Every aspect of this was on point, very well made. it actually felt like I was in the damn movie!! I'm happy I had the chance to share my version, please take a look!

Sos un genio, el juego esta re piola, aguante argentina. 

my channels really new , im not as DRMIX i played your game

was scary fun you get more hit me up  :)

So much more terrifying and difficult and loved every horrifying second lol!!

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