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Dani is the cook at Haddonfield Psychiatric Hospital, where Michael Myers has been locked up for the last 30 years. But this rainy Halloween night won't be as expected: things will get out of control and Dani may end up fighting for his life in a relentless battle against Myers itself.

Dani es el cocinero del Hospital Psiquiátrico de Haddonfield, donde está encerrado Michael Myers desde hace 30 años. Pero esta noche lluviosa de Halloween no será como se esperaba: las cosas se saldrán de control y Dani podría terminar luchando por su vida en una devastadora batalla contra Myers.


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Halloween 2 - Asylum - 1.0.4b (32 bits).zip 2 GB
Halloween 2 - Asylum - 1.0.5 (64 bits).zip 2 GB


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For a free Itch game, this is great! Really worth a play 

This frickin guy kept me on my toes! Love the amount of objectives I need to complete while panicking around every corner haha

Great Work!


Pretty good sequel to the first game! Highly Recommended this game!

what should i download the 2nd version on after i extract the files? is there a certain app cause i didnt have to do that for 1st one i just had to open it from the files

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Why did you post this in the halloween 2 game page? I saw your reason, I just do not think this is appropriate.

I am so happy this got a sequel! The first one was great! This one was even better! Thank you for making it and putting it out into the world! Can't wait to see what you do next! 

This Was Definitely Scarier Than The First One...

Another fun short Halloween experience by Damian.

Both games are highly worth checking out!

Los que hablan español, no se pierdan esta reacción de Genuine!

Hi Damian Gonzalez, I really enjoyed your game, especially because I am a fan of Halloween movies. Right now I am trying to develop an indie horror game with a friend and upload it to this platform, I am a graphic designer and I noticed that I liked the typography you used for the credits, if you tell me which one it is I would appreciate it very much, I will attach image so you can see it. I hope you have a lot of success in this project, greetings.

Hi there! Sure, the font is called "Brushstroke Horror (Open Type)"


Honestly, as much as I loved the first one... This is my favorite of the two entries! I can't wait till you guys spin the block and run a part 3!


im immensely disappointed, first one was better even with asshole tommy, but this one its just impossible to progress at all. u need to change michaels original spawn location. i keep getting stuck in the backrooms under the elevator

Hi. It's not impossible. One option is to make him follow you using the stairs to the 3rd floor, once he's there, use the elevator at your favor. And you'll have plenty of time to grab the card, open the blue door and close it behind you. Another option (simpler), is to just use the lockers and wait until he walks downstairs.


thanks i will try again, maybe im just not gamer enough


:D yeah, please try again, that's the hardest part of the game. Once you pass it, it becomes easier, trust me

El juego tiene algún que otro BUG.  La idea es buena, pero lo de Mayers me ha dado risa mas que terror... Me gustó mas el 1 pero Gracias por el juego!

I’m trying to play with my ps5 controller and every time it props me to pick something up theirs is no button to do so ? Thanks for the game 

Hi! The game is intended for keyboard and mouse, so far. Using a joystick allows you to move, but that's just the way inputs work, so dedicated keys (like 'E' and 'F') only works for keyboard.


Wonderful game! I really like your work and I always ask my friends to support indie and fangame developers.


I am thrilled to play this and with my headset on the sound has me feeling like I was right there.  I do have a question, can I somehow map buttons to a controller yet? 


This game is amazing! After having played the first one, I was left wanting more. This definitely gave me the fix I needed. Incredible job as usual! Keep it up!

A VERY well-done recreation of the 1981 John Carpenter's Halloween II movie. 5/5

This was a cool part 2 of the Halloween series! Big Mike was a little OP in certain situations but definitely loved the game! 

Tolle Fortsetzung zum ersten Teil.. stellenweise etwas Buggy und Laggy aber dennoch ein gutes Spiel :)

I Had So Much Fun Playing This Game!

this is really good game i have a really really good looking 2018 mask 3d model if you would like too use it any time 


i really enjoy the fan made halloween game and the first one. amazing work developers keep up the nice work and thank you for taking your time on working on the game. 

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Hi everyone! I just posted a new update to version 1.0.4, now optimized. I'm hitting around 50~70 FPS in "ultra" quality on my RX 6700 XT, and near 300 FPS in "low" quality, so I guess you won't have much problem now. Also, I uploaded an experimental 32 bits version for older PCs. Enjoy!


I will try it out on my RTX 3070

It crashes during the start animation for the 32bit version. Also very hard to hit the Start Button, it seems like hidden because the Start button we see is not clickable :)

This game was awesome just like the first one, absolutely terrifying being chased again by Michael Myers

Everytime i died in this game i donated to twitch streamers

Started at 4:00

YO Damián González! This game was fun and scary, I had a blast playing it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!

A but buggy but really fun game, I enjoyed the dance off with Michael at the elevator 🤣 and it was so funny seeing all other creators in there own prison. My only issue would be the sprint, I didn't know I can use it all up and that made it a bit tricker for the ending when I used it up. But overall another great game and I enjoyed it very much.

still some performance issues but it was quite entertaining. the path finding of michael kinda was worse than in halloween 1 though. 

Thank for this game !

Good Game! 

This one was amazing and scary! I had a blast playing this part. Great Job! 


We thought it was over, we thought we had beaten him, but you can't kill evil.


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it's hard to promote the game if even the sound of rain has copyrights!

Hi. Sorry, are you serioulsy telling me you had a copyright strike for the rain? (I'm really asking). I recorded myself most of the sounds, and I compose the music, so you shouldn't have copyright issues. Please tell me more.


Amazing game! A little optimization might help but it plays great on low quality!

Hi! I just uploaded an optimized version. Now I'm hitting near 300 FPS in "low" quality, so I hope it's better now!


That is awesome, thanks!

Experiencia en español!! Grande Dami y Martín, unos cracks como en el anterior. Me volvió loco este Michael. Che Dami, te dejo una pregunta al final del video... Cuando puedas pasate ;) jaja. Un abrazo master!!
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I enjoy the concept of these types of games but I’m so awful at them that I just give up. I also feel like the doors are a little weird to open which pushed me away from finishing the game. 

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