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would be better if tommy died. i dont hate him. he just looks stupid lying there when mikey boy comes in. child murder is ok, if its tommy

practicing so tonight when I dream about the 1978 Serial Killer the sexual tension between us can feel very raw and real

Feel the tension of terror and helplessness of being chased by the eponymous serial killer. Second to none in terms of graphics and ambience, it is a short experience but one that will leave you with a taste for more. Makes you wonder what Damián could do, given the rights to it and a full budget. 

VERY WELL-crafted recreation of the original 1978 John Carpenter's Halloween film. 5/5


The game is great!! A solid 7.9/10

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Game was hilarious! I loved how it was the perfect mix of buggy, funny, and scary. Here's my video on it check it out 10/10 game.

Yo This Game Was Dabomb! And scared the poop out of me

I LOST MY MIND.. (watch before playing)


Great short horror experience.

Unsure who is scarier, Myers or Tommy..


tommy is the true horror here

I had a blast with this game short but deadly.

It's a really good fangame game, but I have 2 questions:

1.Is there a way to adjust mouse sensitivity?

2.Is there a way to unlock the left door after climbing the stairs? I can still complete the game, but I can't seem to find a key for that door anywhere.

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Honestly loved this game, not only did it look amazing but felt amazing to give Michael what for!!!

W Game pleas see my ne project ❤🙏🏽

I am never babysitting again! Not one single kid! Even if the kid was my own! Next time I see that Michael on the street I'm gonna suplex him straight into the concrete!



Super fun to play. Definitley will play more in the future.

I really enjoy the bloodshed.(Japanese)

That was really good! I will definitely play the 2nd part.

I really enjoyed this game. I plan on playing part 2 this week sometime. I meant to upload this last night but ate 2 much candy and passed out lol. Great Game!

SUPER COOL GAME HAD A TON OF FUN PLAYING IT So just to break it down for you guys I Played The Halloween game ON Halloween NAME A BETTER TIMELINE also hope you guys enjoy the Video Subscribe it really helps me out a ton :)

Really enjoyed this game!

i enjoyed the game!!!!!!

Awesome game! Definitely a great one to play on Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Really enjoyed this little game! Looks really good, the suspense when Michael Myers chases you is crazy! Well done

Perfect Game to celebrate Halloween with. It looked and felt good to play.

Absolutely Loved it, keep goin Damian!

What a great game to play on Halloween. I enjoyed it very much and I just couldn't help but crack so many bad jokes with this game. I'm looking forward to the next game.

I really liked playing this game, I just wished it went for longer. It is 2nd game in video

here is the second game guys! needs some work but really expanded on the first one, gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

I'm going to stream this and the second game tonight.. Wish me luck ya'll! 


Fantastic game! Love the films and love this game!

Hi! Exactly when this game reaches 40K downloads (we never expected such a reception, thank you all!), we are launching our 2nd game: It's now available, and for free! 

honestly scared me at first its a fire short game..

I really liked the game. The setting and scenery are very well polished. Anyway, congratulations on the game, I'm already looking forward to your other game :)

Gameplay PT-BR

I feel like they did a good job about making this game harder with items moving to different spots each time you play it. Definitely worth the play if you haven't yet!

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Michael Myers hates Halloween? Michael fighting Jason! wait what!? Timmy Tommy's hiding guns?

Amazing game I enjoyed it!

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